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Day 1 - 16th World Congress of Pain Clinicians

Ultrasound Workshop - 16th World Congress on Pain Clinicians

Welcome to the 16th World Congress of Pain Clinicians

Endoscopic Facet Joint Ablation A novel Treatment of Facet Joint Syndrome -

Dr. Robert Rapcan

Interventions in Malignant Pain -

Dr. Arun Bhascar

Percutaneous Cervical Cordotomy PCC a vue - Prof. Robert van Seventer

Peripheral Neuromodulation for the Treatment of Facial Pain - Dr. Amar Salti

Endoscopic Transforaminal Block with US A Dual Function - Dr. Marwan Rizk

Chronic Pelvic Pain Procedures -

Prof. Waleed Riad

Ozone in Chronic Pain Where is the Evidence - Dr. Tolga Ergönenç

Fascial Plane Blocks in Chronic Pain -

Dr. Rafael Blanco

Day 2 - 16th World Congress of Pain Clinicians

Education of Pain Physician with Artificial Reality Program - Prof. Jae Chul Koh

Epidural Balloon Decompression and Adhesiolysis - Prof. Jin Woo Shin

The Clinical Applications of Dual Chamber PCA - Prof. Sang Sik Choi

Percutaneous Interventions on Sphenopalatine and Gasserian Ganglion for Orofacial Pain - Prof. Yu-Chuan Tsai

Neuropathies How Far interventions Can Go - Dr. Yasser Toble

Possible Targets for Interventional Treatments - Prof. Marshall Devor

Pain is When it Hurts -

Prof. Robert van Seventer

Dr. Ernesto Delgado Cidranes

(Lumibird Medical)

Dr. Marwan Rizk (Lumibird Medical)

Prof. Robert van Seventer (Lumibird Medical)

Main Indications on Ultrasound - Guided PRF - Dr. Daniel Jorge

Sacral PRF ROHOF Technique -

Dr. Olav Rohof

Cryotherapy and Lasertherapy, Guided by Micro Endoscopy A New Era in the Objective Visualization of the Target -

Dr. Ernesto Delgado Cidranes

Annuloplasty Treatment for Low Back Pain - Dr. Bernard Lee Mun Kam

Percutaneous Transforaminal Lumbar Disectomy - A New Segment within Pain Physician Portfolio - Dr. Robert Rapcan

Learning Points of Endoscopic Spine Decompression from a Pain Physician Perspective - Dr. Bernard Lee Mun Kam

Day 3 - 16th World Congress of Pain Clinicians

Abstract Presenter - Dr. Manish Gupta

Abstract Presenter - Dr. Kalliopi Negrou

Abstract Presenter - Dr. Sheetal Gaikwad

Regional Anesthesia to Prevent Chronic Pain - Dr. Clara Lobo, UAE

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome: Tailered Treatment - Prof. Frank Huygen

How Does Pulsed RF Diminish Pain? Legacy of Prof. Dr. M E Sluijter - Dr. Olav Rohof

Future of Pain Medicine -

Prof. Marshall Devor

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